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The Desire for More

Hi friend, I feel like it’s been so long since I actually typed out a devotional because I’ve been doing Live Facebook videos, but today changes that! I know as fast paced and advancing the times are right now it desires us for more and better. We crave more variety of restaurants, stores, etc. We crave a phone with a better camera and a bigger television. Don’t get me wrong, all of those are nice in moderation, but what if all of those things are blocking you from receiving more of God? When you have worldly things that you put before spending time with God and doing things for him, that’s when they’re not okay. I know we all have...

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Unconditional Love

Hi friend, Growing up, I was always in church and believed in God. Even when we no longer went to church, I still carried my faith. Now, did I live out my life like that? Nope. Before I was born-again, I always felt like I lacked something in order to be God’s child. That I needed to “work” or “earn” his love for me. I had this misconception that God needed something from me. I really believed that in order to be a good Christian, I had to do good things for him. I believed I needed to live for love and not from love. I believed that the more I did for him, the closer I could get or...

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Greener Grass

Hi friend, Let us not forget on the hard days that just because the grass looks greener on the other side, does not mean God hasn’t given us all that we need. Let us not forget in a world where justice has gone bad, disloyalty brings daily pain, where government is corrupt, and even faithful friends come up short, He doesn’t let us down or fall short. Let us not forget while we’re peeking over fences at others lives and overanalyzing our own, questioning why so much good has fallen on their lives, know that He doesn’t play favorites.  You pour out your blessings and grace upon all of your children. You meet all of our needs, and you do...

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Drawer of Junk

Hi friend, I’m sure many of you like me have a drawer or even a closet just stuffed fulled of miscellaneous things that don’t really have a place in your home. You’ll find the most random things in these spaces. They’re typically like giving a cat a bath to try and rummage through when you do actually try to find something in them.  I was laying in bed one night, praying, and this analogy popped into my head: What if we’re like junk drawers? We keep so much unnecessary things and hold on to them. Eventually all of that “junk” tends to pour out onto our lives and relationships. It begins to seep out onto everything in our lived and...

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