Whether you’ve been here for awhile or you’re new here, we want you to know the true meaning behind ‘You Can Sit With Us’. This isn’t just our branding for our business, it’s the heartbeat behind it all.

It’s pretty obvious that we are a faith-based business, bold in spreading the gospel which we believe that YCSWU helps with starting gospel-centered conversations. Many joke and think of the movie Mean Girls when seeing you can sit with us on our apparel or on the window of our store, but that isn’t where it’s come from. 

You Can Sit With Us comes from Matthew 9:10. In this scripture it says, “While Jesus was having dinner at Matthew’s house, many tax collectors and sinner came ate with him and his disciples.” You see, we don’t participate in the ‘mean girl’ mentality. Meanness isn’t a fruit of the Spirit, kindness is! 

Where did we come up with this? The phrase is the heartbeat of TDB. We are led by Jesus to persue and cultivate relationships like He did when He was here on earth. Jesus did what the religious wouldn’t sat with the outcasts and the broken ones. We are called to live a life that looks like Jesus and welcome everyone at our table. And when we persue Him wholeheartedly, He will work within us to restore and redeem us. It’s not about religion, but relationship. We firmly live by this here at TDB, cultivating a welcoming atmosphere and presence of the Lord in our boutique.

Many years of living through church hurt myself, I wanted to create a safe place where they know they are welcomed no matter where they are in their walk with Jesus, but help redirect them back to the One that all the glory goes to. 
When this business began, I knew I wanted to incorporate my faith. Knowing how it felt to be outcasted (event by church people) I wanted to provide a safe place for all and be more than just another clothing boutique. I wanted to be a community to uplift and encourage one another.” 
— Owner, Brittany Lucas

That is where “You Can Sit With Us” came about. Everyone has a place at our table and we know Jesus will bring the transformation. The clothing and other cute things are just a bonus!