How to Create:


Pick a chain

Choose either a bracelet or a necklace, then pick your color and style!

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Pick your charms

Pick as many charms as you want, and add them to your cart one by one! We recommend an odd number so they balance out on your chain. We also suggest placing the heaviest/biggest charm in the center. You can check sizing by looking at the picture of the charm next to the penny. If you choose to add a carabiner, 4-6 charms usually looks the best so it's not too crowded!

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Leave a Note in Your Cart

Before you check out, leave a note in the box in your cart if you want your charms in a specific order! If you don't care how they are placed or want us to choose what we think is best, say that in the box or leave it blank. Let us know how far apart you want your charms spaced too. If you would like a photo of your necklace to preview before we ship it, leave your email in the box.


1. From left to right: pearl, bubble heart, lightning, checker pendant, letter, cowboy boot, dainty dotted bow. Spaced 3 links apart

2. Checkered heart in the middle, you put the rest where you think looks best! Spaced 2 links apart

3. I don't care where my charms are placed or how they are spaced