About Us


The Dragonfly Boutique was a dream I've had since a young child that has finally been birthed to life! I've always had a love for clothing, fashion, and creating. Each product has been hand picked by me, adding in my own style and flare into each item. Our mission here at The Dragonfly Boutique is to provide you with trending, but modest styles. We guarantee quality and satisfaction for your purchases.​ I have started this boutique to use this opportunity to help build and empower women of this generation, and generations before us. To love and be confident with who God created you to be, along with loving and lifting other women up. We strive to be build a solid, safe community, and to uplift others around us. Hence, the phrase we’ve coined, “You Can Sit With Us” which is in reference to Matthew 9:10. 

Here at The Dragonfly Boutique, we don’t want to be seen as “just another clothing boutique” but to be here to help lead you to Jesus and encourage you, all while helping provide you with cute additions to your wardrobe. 

-Brittany, Owner
Colossians 3:23