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Behind The Dragonfly

Hi friend,

I wanted to chat a little this week about the meaning behind the name ‘The Dragonfly Boutique’. I read a book right before I started this boutique that was about ‘discovering the secret to who God created us to be’. This book touched me to the core. To sum it up, it’s about being who God created you to be. It reminded me of my past, blessed my present, and gave me the power and faith for the future God has destined me to have. It is raw and authentic, like I strive to live — even through this boutique. The transparency really pushed me to follow my dreams that God was speaking so loudly to me each day. I would dream of ideas and wake up and immediately write them down. I believe that there is strong meaning in our dreams and dream interpretation. I know that God speaks to me loudly the most there. So i didn’t take these dreams lightly.

Now to the point of the dragonfly. When I read this at the beginning of her book, it stuck with me so much that coming up with a name for my boutique was simple:

“The dragonfly is a symbol of change—
A change in the perspective of how we see ourselves.
The dragonfly starts to grow in water...
And then it moves into the air to fly.
It pictures the transformation we experience when we
Understand the deeper meaning of life.
Here’s to seeing the changing in you.”

I knew once I read that paragraph, it had significance, I just didn’t’ know the ‘why’ yet.

Here I am almost two years into owning this boutique. I am the CEO - Chief of Everything. And I have to say, I feel the change. I feel the shift.

The meaning of the dragonfly to me is despite how many times I dip my feet into the water, if there is anytime I feel like I am in too deep I am quickly reminded of who “walks on water” and who has given us that same power. It doesn’t matter how strong the wind and waves may feel, the Lord still directs and guides our sails. That is faith and trust. I know that even if I lost either of those (because let’s be honest, I am human, it happens) I won’t drown because I have a good Father who will pull me up from the trenches. And anytime I may feel like I’m drowning, He quickly jumps in and pulls me from the currents and saves me.

Owning a business is a huge change, especially when you pour your heart and soul into it. I didn’t know starting out how impactful it would be to others or that I would even be writing blogs like this to help further empower others, but here we are. I know that this is my calling that the Lord has wished for me to fulfill.

I’m working towards more, consistently growing and learning. It won’t always go my way or happen when I want them too, but I am in pursuit of who my Creator has made me to be. And I want to encourage you to do the same as well. I want you to strive to be who God designed you to be and what he has called you to do.

This boutique is here to not only dress you physically, but to encourage you to be spiritually dressed with the Armor of God. This armor will help protect you against satan and his deceptive tactics to hold you back from being exactly who God destined you to be.


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