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God Are You There?

Hi friend,

As humans, we deal with many ups and downs. And I believe a lot of us question this when we go through the downs of life, “God are you there?” We tend to question if god is there alongside of us in the midst of our trials. It can seem so lonely and you begin to question if he really is there, but I will tell you, that right there is the work of the enemy.

When we cling to relationship with Jesus and be obedient people to him, we will see his goodness through it all. We begin to place all of our desires and focus on him. Now don’t get me wrong, it’s not going to be all sunshine and rainbows even when we follow him obediently. He wants to test us and help us to grow from those things though.

I heard that phrase earlier, “God are you there?” Then, I walked outside and saw the sun shining so beautifully. And even though it had rained the whole day and it was an ugly day — god still showed himself. He is beautiful and he is good. And I promise you, he is there amongst whatever you are going through.

“The power of the New Covenant at work allows us to heal and move from a hopeless tragedy into restoration.” Danny Silk

I will admit there have been times where I cried out to him with that exact question. I’ve even questioned god completely. Each time I’ve said that, I’ve regretted it because even though I questioned him, his goodness still prevailed. I think we forget that our plans will not align with all of god’s plans for us. It may be cliché to say, but his plans are higher and greater than we can ever imagine or create for ourselves. It can be hard to place our focus on the goodness of god when we have ourselves stuck in the muck of here and now. It’s also kind of insulting to him when we worry and wonder where he is because he is just waiting for our “yes” to give him access of our situations and tribulations.

When we try to go down our own paths and create our own ways despite where or what god calls us to; we learn that they will never bring true fulfillment for us. We will be constantly chasing our own tails and eventually it will all come crashing down upon us.

The good news of when we “miss” what god has for us? He is a good father, willing to father us. He has never left us and will pick us back up, brush us off and create something new within us. He doesn’t turn his back on his children. We just having to be willing and committed to being in a relationship with him. Not being in convenience with him where we just ask him for help when we need it. I mean, he’ll be there for you still but you’re honestly just making things so much harder on yourself.

It is going to be vital for you endure any difficulty in life that you have a relationship with the father, that you spend time with god. Knowledge and good theology  are going to get you nowhere.” Jeremy Robertson

Want some more good news? Unlike man, god is overflowing with grace. So even when we feel like we’ve messed up with god big time or try to do things our own way — he is there to handle us with his grace. Now, we shouldn’t take advantage of his grace, but learn from our mistakes and grow closer to Christ. Which would mean to not pick up what you’ve already laid down at his feet. Although we won’t always succeed at this, it just shows us how desperate we are in need of a Savior. And that Savior’s name is Jesus Christ. His grace hasn’t only rescued you, but has included you in a big and beautiful purpose. And although all of that may seem blurry in the midst of difficulties, he created you with a divine purpose here on earth. Jesus paid the ultimate price on the Cross so you wouldn’t have to carry the things of this earth, but placing it all in his trusting hands.

— Brittany

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