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It’s Not What It Looks Like

Hey friend,

I skipped a post last week because honestly, I didn’t have this all out together the way I wanted it to be. And my goal here is to be transparent. I don’t want to just throw a post together to just make a post. I want it to connect to hearts and bring some transformation to its readers. This week I’ve really been thinking about how social media really blinds us into seeing things for how they really are.

We sit on our phones most of the day, scrolling, and seeing people live these “great” lives. They’re traveling, so in love, their children behave, their home is somehow always kept clean, they are always well dressed and put together — but in reality, that’s not how it is. We try to fit into a persona on social media to get “likes” or attention.  We make sure the lighting and angle is great, but could you imagine if we dedicated as much as we do posting that “perfect” post on social media as we do to bettering our lives? Our real lives outside of the screen would dramatically change!

This thing in our hands is temporary. The attention we receive from our social media posts is temporary. This life we live on earth is temporary. What we invest in the Kingdom lives on. You achieve nothing that lasts from building your own kingdom. The only thing that the life we “build” for others to see on social media is pure deceit. We trick others into thinking that we have it all put together, when we’re all just messed up human beings chasing our tails here on earth. There’s only One who can save us from ourselves. The One who truly knows who we are, sees our every move, hears our every thought and word spoken.

So why hide who we are and what really goes on in our lives? Shouldn’t we as followers of Christ, be showing others (even the unsaved) how we don’t have it all together too? Leading them to the One who does have it all together and helps us along the way, right where we are?

It’s not a race who can be more perfect, have more attention, or look a certain way because Christ sees us for who we are. He wants to save us from ourselves, from our own deceitfulness.

I think this verse from Job 15:27-35 Message Translation says it all:

“Even if they’re the picture of health, trim and fit and youthful, They’ll end up living in a ghost town sleeping in a hovel not fit for a dog, a ramshackle shack. They’ll never get ahead, never amount to a hill of beans. And then death—don’t think they’ll escape that! They’ll end up shriveled weeds, brought down by a puff of God’s breath. There’s a lesson here: Whoever invests in lies, gets lies for interest, Paid in full before the due date. Some investment! They’ll be like fruit frost-killed before it ripens, like buds sheared off before they bloom. The godless are fruitless—a barren crew; a life built on bribes goes up in smoke. They have sex with sin and give birth to evil. Their lives are wombs for breeding deceit.”

How we live and what we do, we breed it too. It is so important to be intentional with what we do, say, read, and watch. Not only for ourselves, but for others. We are responsible for the fruit we bear; the inward condition of our hearts and our actions. So that even goes along with what we post on social media.

Don’t be mistaken that someone has it all together because of what their life looks and how it  fits into the squares on a screen. There’s so much more going on behind the scenes of social media.

I encourage you to live a life of transparency and be vulnerable; not only for yourself but for the others watching.We’re not here on earth to please anyone, but Jesus. It’s time we all live that out.

Have a great week,
Brittany ❤️

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