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Mothers Show Us More of God

Hi friend,

I know this devotional is going to come off as just for mother’s, but please, even if you’re not a mother read all of this! It’s essential to know that as women, we are called to be spiritual mothers to those around us too! We all play a part in generations to come.

Honestly, motherhood rocked my world. In a good way. It made me completely “die to thyself” and put this human before any of my wants, needs, or desires. Motherhood is a calling that doesn’t stop for anything. God may call us to something, but he will never call us to abandon the children we’ve birthed for that calling. That is important to take note of. Mothers embrace the curse so that we may be born, and Christ embraced the curse so that we may be reborn.

Having children doesn’t make us holier than others, but it should make us want a deeper relationship with Jesus. It should make us want to show our children (or if you’re not a mother, show those around you) what Jesus is like. Because the best way to teach children and people about Jesus is to live it out. We can talk about how we’re a great mom or woman to others or on social media, but are we living it out, too?

Mother’s aren’t just women who have given birth, they are women who have poured into others around them. Poured into others despite pain of infertility/loss by incarnating that same kind of love through a good meal or baked goods, a hospitable home, or a hard day’s labor. These labors are special because they are birthed out of suffering. She helps the needy and the church. So, even women without any biological offspring can have Christina children who “rise up and call her blessed” (Proverbs 31:28).

Mothers are everywhere, if only we have eyes to see them. Motherhood is woven into the very fabric of creation, and God says that all of creation tells about his  Mother’s show up, they nurture and are welcoming, and most importantly, they show us God. There is such a need in everyone’s lives for spiritual mothers like this. You don’t have to have any children to qualify for this type of mothering. Mother’s and spiritual mothers should show us more of God.

It’s important we examine ourselves and understand what kind of legacy we are leaving; as mothers and spiritual mothers. Our children and the ones we place around us are who bear the fruit of our labors and love.

Happy Mother’s Day!

- Brittany

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