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Paint the Room

Hey friend,

I just want to dive on in this week and share this message on my heart:

You know how we all have that room in our houses filled with clutter and junk? I see that as an area of our hearts that we keep from God. Acting as though he can’t see it, but he can. He sees all of us and is begging for us to just give us that room. He wants take all the clutter and organize our hearts, tear down the cobwebs, and dust around every corner of that room. He wants that hidden space to turn it into something beautiful. He wants to give us a fresh coat of paint, expose that area and use it to unfold our purpose in him.

We are to be his canvas, ready and willing for him to turns us into his masterpiece. He’s painting on blues, purples, and mixing colors together that brings out the beauty in that area we’ve hid in the dark for so long. Even if it seems ugly to you, god will use it for his good and make it beautiful. No one will treat this room as precious as Jesus will.

I no longer want to keep this room hidden. I want to organize it, redo it, and keep the door wide open. I am exposing this room because I know hiding it from God is so silly. He is itching for us to give him permission to that room. He’s ready to run in and make it in his image.

“He’s not afraid of the whole story, he turns it all to his glory.” - Steffany Gretzinger

Do you feel broken, lost, scared, or just anything not of him? Good. Now, bring that to the cross and lay it down. He can use all these areas we see as ugly or ungodly and bring them to redemption. And say this with me, “it’s already paid for.” Because it already has been paid for by Jesus on the cross.

He doesn’t just want call who are qualified to serve him, he wants the unqualified too. He can put even the unqualified to use in the Kingdom. Every part of your heart is can be put to use in Him. Every corner of it can be used to share our testimony to others to just let God do what he wants to in us.

So start this week off with an open and surrendered heart for what the Lord wants to do. I promise you won’t regret leaving the door open for him and allowing him to organize that hidden room in your heart. 

Be blessed,
Brittany ❤️

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