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Sisterhood 👯‍♀️

Hey friend, 

I hope you’re having a great week so far. I know the world seems crazy these days and my prayer over you is that you’re not doing life alone! You are so deserving of relationships that nourish your soul. You are deserving of sisterhood outside of your “sisters”.

Sisters — I know not all of you have earthly sisters and those that do may not be close. But I want to tell you how sisters are supposed to be because “sisters” are possible in friendships too.⁣

Sisters don’t keep lists of grievances.⁣
They believe the best of you.
They pick up exactly where they left off, knowing that life gets busy and doesn’t hold that against you.
They are there to cheer you on through all seasons of life.
They are not afraid to call you out (when necessary).⁣
They are there to cry with you.
They tell you when you shouldn’t wear something and tell you when you look great!⁣
They don’t talk about you behind your back, no matter what.⁣
They fight for you to believe truth and live in truth.⁣

If you don’t have this on earth, find it. Fight for it. It is possible! I have two bio sisters, but other sisters like this as well. This kind of relationship isn’t only possible, it’s God’s desire for you!

I pray that this post and other blog posts have encouraged you! We'd love to hear feedback from you, so feel free to comment below or message us on social media.

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