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Take Me For Me, Or Leave

Hey friend,

As I’ve gotten older I've started to see the trend of friends saying "do you boo" more and more. This phrase is a death sentence to our souls. Also, many seeing their own family members doing or living wrong and allowing it to continue just for the sake of "keeping the peace". We are not fulfilling ourselves if we're living solely on what we want because we are to live and do what God calls us to. We are also called to confront others (with love) when we see being done that is wrong and lead them back to Christ. 

We live in a time where this generation of Christians say, “accept me for who I am.” A generation that refuses to respect authority, see a problem with their actions or take responsibility for their actions, only doing things to perceive an image, and okay with how they’ve hurt others. Today, conviction has become “disrespectful” or “offensive.” We continue to live the same way, masking it as “Godly” instead of seeking guidance from confrontation of our wrong doings, living in our comfort zones. Still living the same way we were five to ten years ago — seeing it as “okay.”

“We must allow the Word of God to confront us -- to disturb our security, to undermine our complacency, and to overthrow the patterns of our thoughts.”

I was thinking about how we are basically saying to God, “I will not change. I do not want to change. I am comfortable with who I am. You accept me for who I am.” Could you just imagine having a face to face conversation with God and telling him that? Flat out saying no to all the amazing things he has for you? Because that is what we are doing when we refuse to be obedient or willing to change our ways when God is asking us to. When he just asks you to give up those ugly actions, words, or wrong ways of thinking and we refuse to we are breaking His heart. If it breaks God’s heart, then how do you think it will fulfill yours?

Comfort is a tool from the enemy to prevent you from growing into who God has designed you to be. If you’re comfortable then you’re not living for God, you’re living for the world. One day we will all come face-to-face with God and he will not shy away from confronting us of our wrongdoings. As followers of Christ, we should be willing and eager to do what pleases and aligns to Him.

Could you imagine if Jesus sat in on all of our conversations or some of the things we did in "secret"? Not just his presence, but his physical being, there? Well, could you imagine if we lived in the way that when we spoke; we realize that Jesus is tuning into all of our conversations and what we are doing day-by-day?

So this week, let's face our focus and hearts on what Jesus wants for us. Let's leave our desires at His feet and start fresh. Praying that this has blessed you.

- Brittany 

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