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The Future Depends On Us

Hi friend,

This past year has really added a whole new perspective on how the future generation is being led. If you don’t know, I became a mother in 2020. It’s been  a miracle and a blessing being a mother. God truly reorganizes your heart for what is significant. What’s important to know is that when we become parents and when we surround ourselves with the younger generations; what we do and say really matters. The generations that come after us, are the future.

I like the phrase, “we can talk the talk, but can we walk the walk?” That alone speaks volumes. We can say all the words and scripture we want, we can say we are going to do something, but it is the action that we put behind it is that makes a difference. We may have pretty words, but our lives need to show for it also. Our children and younger generations aren’t going to be truly moved by what you say, they will follow what you do.

For example, if you are living in blatant sin but are constantly sharing bits and piece of scripture to tear down others, they’re going to think it is okay to only pick and choose what scripture they want to live by too. And that is not okay. God didn’t give us his Word to pick and choose from. We need to abide by it all.

Little eyes watching us more intently than we think. We can’t just settle to allow the world to raise our children for us. They deserve better than that. They deserve parents who are willing to live righteous lives and know when they mess up and own up for it.

Raising the future generation or living a life that helps lead generations before us, isn’t a job we should take lightly. Everything we say and do now (even if you’re not a parent) is what we are pouring into them. If it is not said or done around them, it is still being poured into them. It’s essential to know, that is how generational curses work. If we gossip, that pours out onto them. If we are intentional with our time with our family, that pours out onto them. If we lie or deceive others, that will pour out onto them. If they see us spending time with the Lord frequently, that pours out on to them.... I think you’re getting the idea here.

The power is within us to break cycles the ungodly cycles, we just have to have hearts that are easily convicted and less offended. When we choose offense, we are hurting our own children and generations before us because we are saying what we are doing is ‘okay’, even if it is ungodly.

“If you want to change the world, go home and love your family”

Love is holding ourselves accountable for what we’ve done and do so that we can correct it before it pours out onto our children and generations after us. I’ve often heard it said that what offends you, reveals you. How can we love our family well if we’re not willing to be corrected to lead them better? Accountability is not something that can be given or assigned to a person. Instead it is something that you must take on yourself. So, let’s be accountable people.

Even if you’re not a mother, you are still pouring into others that are around you. Now ask yourself this question (everyone), what are you pouring out? Is it life-giving and fulfilling or is it fruitless? It’s crucial to evaluate ourselves often and to see that others are following our lead. What does your “leading” look like? It’s important because the future generations depend on us to break cycles from what has come before us, not continue them.


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