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Walking Through Doors Not Meant For You

Hi friend,

The other day I was just sitting there and I heard, “Just because a door is open does not mean you should walk through it.” 

Shew, how convicting is this?!

Opportunities are presented to us and often nicely wrapped up with a bow to appear better than they really are. We believe that when doors are opened then we should walk through them because God opened that door, right? We believe that good things are placed in front of us, God gave them to us, right? All good things come from God, right?!

The truth is, we jump to things before even seeking Wise Counsel and before truly praying about it. Things can easily present themselves as good and doors don’t always open for you to walk through. What appears to be good on the outside, may not be good on the inside. Also, not realizing that just because something is presented as “good” does not mean that it is Godly. We could be in a season of waiting and jump to the first thing presented to us because we are eager to get out of that season, but at the same time we can be easily deceived into thinking that that was for us. 

When a door opens, that could be God testing us to see if we will seek him before just assuming that that is what He wants for us. If we are not careful, we could be entering into a season we are not prepared for. I know some will question about this and say, "Where God guides, he will provide… so if God guided it you to it then he'll provide you through it, right?!" Yes. That is true and he will equip you if you're not qualified! That is ONLY if that is where He has called you to… NOT if you are walking in your own ways and through your own strength. So, question yourself now: Are you doing that for yourself and your gain or for God and his gain?

So, it is important to pray, seek, and wait before walking through open doors and believing opportunities are automatically "God sent" before even seeking God about them. It’s important to identify if this is something that God has presented to you or if this is something the enemy is trying to use to direct you away from what God has for you.

Have discernment. Plant yourself in his word and cover yourself with prayer so you will know what doors to walk through and not to walk through.



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