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Where is your joy found?

Hey friend,

I’m so excited it’s October! It’s like everything shifts and changes so quickly, but beautifully. I now live in the south, so it’s still warm, but I’ll wear my sweaters and leggings and pretend it feels like fall here! Haha! I find so much joy in all the fall things. Like; the coffee flavors, coziness, and holidays, but sadly, it doesn’t last for forever.

This week I decided to sell my vintage porch glider. I love that glider. Like, I have a serious love for it. I remember diligently seeking to find one on the Facebook market for months. So, when I finally found this one my heart was content and excited. I’ve been back and forth deciding to sell it because it is now a sentiment to me. I rocked my baby to sleep so many times on it— but seeing how it’s pulling on my heart to get rid of it, I know now I have to get rid of it.

Honestly, I'm guilty of being a materialistic person at times. I have the worst time getting rid of things that hold any sentimental value to me or that I just enjoy. So, I feel like this is God’s way of testing me and saying, “can you take this to the kingdom with you?” And the answer is, no, I can’t.

You see, it’s easy to find joy in the things around us here on earth. It’s easy to look good externally and look put together, but how we look internally is where we should really be focusing on. Quite frankly, materialism just brings us to ruins. We end up placing our motives on getting the next big thing or wanting something that someone else has. God created us to love people and use things, but materialists love things and use people.

Now don’t get me wrong, it’s nice to buy yourself that sweater you’ve been wanting or some home decor. I love all of those things too, but we cannot find sustainable joy in the things of this world. The only sustainable joy we can find is when we fixate ourselves on Jesus.

Anyone who puts their happiness in things of this world isn’t truly happy. At the end of the day, when you’re living for materialism, you look around seeking more and more. Just like I was seeking for a glider, I wasn’t “happy” until I found one. But really, it only gave me temporary happiness.

It’s important to know how destructive materialism is as a Christian. The only thing worth buying cannot be bought with money. God’s Son bought us our salvation, and He freely gives Himself to all who seek Him. Money cannot buy salvation, and it cannot buy rescue from judgment.

The good news is, God gave us His Word so we don’t have to wait until we die to discover how we should have lived. That’s why in order to break free from the power of materialism, we desperately need to read the Scriptures and bring our issues to God in prayer.

So ask yourself this, where is your joy found in -- the things of this world or Jesus?

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Be blessed,
Brittany ❤️


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Great example and words to live by. This is so true, I came to that realization years ago when I spent 9 months in a Hospital with my Husband, who was very critical at the time, Myself living out of a Suitcase and no bed to sleep in at night, I sat in a chair to sleep in the waiting room.
I always Thanked God for that roof over my head, and for giving Me the strength to be out of State, in a strange place with my Husband.
One day, God showed me that I had survived those months with very little, But that my Trust and Faith in Him brought Us through.
Sometimes Difficult situations leads to Victory.
God Bless You Brittany and what you do to life up others and get the Word Out. 💖


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