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Who Is the Author?

Hi friend, 

I know at times we are impatient and we place our focus on the now or how past events have occurred, but I’m here to tell to stop trying to be the author of your story. There is only one Author that can write out your story that will actually play out for a fulfilling life and that is God

Many times we sit and wait for weeks, months, and years for things to happen and get impatient and say, “I will just do this on my own, it’ll be fine.” In the end it isn’t fine. At first it may feel like it is, but once you get further down the road, you find yourself lost. You come to a fork and you’re unsure which way to take again. That is because His plan for you is indefinitely better than any plan you would have for yourself. You come to this fork in the road even after taking matters into your own hands because God is trying to direct you to wait and lean upon him to make your next turn. 

I know in my life I’ve done this as well. I have mentally written out the next chapter of my story and tried to play it out, but I had forgotten that someone else was the real author of my story. Which I am thankful for. I’ve tried to do things on my own and just found myself lost. It was like I was trying to navigate to somewhere I had never been before without an address or any kind of directions, I only knew what it looked like on the outside. Eventually finding what I was looking for and it revealed itself to me that it wasn’t what I needed in my life. That’s what it’s like trying to write your own story without involving God.

Even though we find out the hard way (and sometimes still do), let’s be thankful that we are not the author of our own personal story

Our story isn’t an autobiography, it’s a biography of wisdom and grace written by another.

  • Every turn He write into your story is right.
  • Every twist plot that happens is for the best.
  • Every unexpected event or new chapter is a tool of His grace for us.
  • Each chapter advances his purpose.

Whoever is wise, let him understand these things; whoever is discerning, let him know them; for the ways of the Lord are right.” Hosanna 14:9

It’s really a gross understatement to say that God’s ways are better. How could they not be? God is infinite in wisdom and grace!



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