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You Can Sit With Us

Hey friend,


I saw a quote that said, “don’t sit at tables where you may be the topic when you get up.” At first I agreed with that statement. I mean, why would I want to sit with people who’s intentions are to hurt me? But then I was quickly convicted and heard the Holy Spirit say, “what would Jesus do?”

Jesus would sit with them. He would break bread with them, pray for them, and love them. Wow, how crazy is that? Why would he do such a thing? The answer is because we have all been sinners looking for a savior in this broken world. It’s out of our control how people act or talk, but we are in complete control of our response. To show them the love of Christ is a powerful response to their sin. We are called to do the work of Jesus and lead them to Him.

So yes, sit at tables where you may be talked about when you get up. Sit at tables with the hurting and the broken. Sit at tables and love on the ‘unlovable’ ones. Do what you can to put yourself at these tables because comfort is from the enemy. Feel uncomfortable and sit at the table with comfortable ones. Make them uncomfortable too with your grace and love, despite if you are the topic when you stand up. Their sin is a cry for love and saving — be the one that shows them that. Just as Jesus would do. And when you walk away and the enemy whispers into your ear, “they’re talking about you.” Reply back with confidence and a smile, “good, my work here is done.”

Brittany ❤️

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