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Your Brokenness Is Welcome Here

 Hey friend,

I’m here to tell you that your brokenness is welcome here. Now I’m sure you’re asking what that means.

There has probably been a time or two you’ve felt misunderstood, unwelcome, or you just fear of being vulnerable because you didn’t want to be judged. I’ve been there too. I believe we all desire to be a part of an authentic community. I know for years I longed for that kind of safe place, so my goal here is that this would be a safe place for you.

We all desire to be known, understood, and loved – it’s what we were created for! But that can become messy when insecurity and comparison creep into the picture. Sound familiar?

I am always open to being vulnerable. I suffered with insecurity for years. I just thought it was normal and everyone dealt with it, but the further into my walk with Jesus I went, I knew it was far from normal.

Insecurity eats at you and everything around you. In convinces you that you’re the problem or you put blame on something or someone else always. It took my own pastor looking at me in the eyes during pre-marital counseling saying, “Brittany you are broken” for me to really believe it. I was so broken and desperately needed corrected. My insecurity was butting into my marriage, every relationship around me, and consuming my thoughts. I had to hear that I was broken before I could become whole. I mean, how many people willingly admit that they are broken, suffer with insecurity, or that they're in the wrong? Hardly anyone.

As humans, we don’t want to find fault in ourselves, but we have to to grow closer to Jesus. We are all far from perfect, we will continually hit a wall blocking us from the good things the God has for us if we don’t face it. But what is comforting to know is we serve a perfect God.

It is so important you surround yourself with friends or a community of people that are quick to call you out and refuse to let you sit in a place of complacency. That hold us accountable when we don’t hold ourselves accountable. That is true friendship and community — when they love you enough to tell you your bad habits and challenge you to be and do greater.

"Your brokenness is welcome here." No truer words have been said about what the gospel is really all about. Jesus just wants us to come to him how we are. Not all put together, perfect, or making sure we have our lives "in order." He just wants us as we are. He wants us to come to him as the broken people we are. Even while we follow him, we will still face struggles and we will still mess up, but Jesus wants to redeem us and show us his overflowing grace for us

There is always an open invitation to the Kingdom. No one is left out. So just when you think that no one loves you or could love you for the things you’ve said or done in the past, know that The King always will. Surrender, experience the freedom, and the new life that He will bring to you. So come as you are and just rest in the arms of Jesus. You're not defined by your brokenness, but you can be redeemed from it.

Be blessed,

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